I suppose the most logical place to begin this journey is to go into some details of the 26.2 mile adventure I’ve gotten myself into.

I’ve been trying to sign up for a race in my home state of Rhode Island for years now, however the timing just hasn’t worked out. Finally, by some miracle, the stars aligned in 2016 and I was able to find the Newport Half Marathon on October 9th.

One of the main factors I look at when deciding whether to sign up for a race is the elevation levels, which are generally outlined in the Course Map on the website. Living in a place like Hoboken, my training is primarily flat, with very little incline. It’s important to know this about where you train, so you can be sure that you’re prepared on race day. A surprise hill is never fun when you’ve never experienced them! My motto holds fast – – “the flatter the better”!

With a course that is described as “relatively flat with some rolling hills” (perfect!) charged on my credit card, my 2016 race season had finally come to fruition.

In order to maintain the integrity and flow of this story, it is important to note that I’ve run the New Jersey Half Marathon every year for the last 3 years. This year, my 4th year, it was scheduled for May 1st and Easter was March 27th. That left me running 12 miles on the Saturday before Easter. I easily finished this in 1’38” – – right on track with my goal for this years half (8 minute miles).  After that run my confidence level was through the roof, but I started thinking about whether I was challenging myself anymore. Sure, a 12 mile run on a Saturday morning, by myself is daunting, but am I truly being challenged?  Later that day, I spent some time with my family eating lots of food and drinking one too many glasses of wine (or was it the limoncello) and decided that I would change my registration and run the full marathon, rather than the half. Heck, it was only $15 more– what did I have to lose?!

I convinced myself that if I didn’t just sign up right that second, then I would never run a marathon. As previously mentioned, this is the perfect course in terms of elevation, it’s the perfect time of year and I had time to train. The guilt trip I gave myself was enough for me to enter that memorized credit card information (too much online shopping) one more time and click submit.

At that point, I received the blinking dots of death….


The anticipation of waiting for this credit card approval trumped any time I was waiting for some ex-boyfriend or potential suitor to  hit “send” (ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about!).

Finally…. #confirmation. I’m running a marathon. It’s happening. No going back.   As much as I thought I’d freak out, I was calm. I was excited. I’m running a marathon….

Sometimes, that’s all it takes–  A moment where you believe in yourself and believe you can do anything.  In that moment, take advantage.   Those are the times where you challenge yourself and create the memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Stay tuned for my search for the perfect training schedule and shoes/shoe schedule.

Interested in signing up for the half marathon or full marathon?  Here’s the place to go!  http://newportmarathon.com/