Happy Friday y’all!   You know, I realized lately that sometimes, the only way I can get through a run is the music coming through my headphones.  Do you ever have problems coming up with new playlists?  You just have no idea what songs you want to listen to? Well, you’re not alone!

I feel like I get tired of my playlists after just one week of running- ugh!   Sometimes, you just have to mix it up and try different genres.  I’ve included my CURRENT Top 5 songs that when they come on,  a smile comes across my face and I start “groovin'”!

  1. Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop the Feeling!
  2. Any and all “Girl Talk” songs
  3. Jonas Blue – Fast Car
  4. Birdy – Wild Horses (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
  5. Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

*Honorable Mention: “a-ha – Take on Me” & “Vampire Weekend- Unbelievers”

Wanna check out my whole playlist?  I use Spotify Premium, so that I can download right to my phone and not have those pesky data bills!  Here ya go (Half Marathon)!  I’ve also included a couple of premade running playlists from Spotify that I’ll throw on every now and then as well.

Happy Running!


Girl Power Workout Mix:

Epic Workout: