Running can be a very expensive hobby.  Between the shoes, clothes, race entries, race logistics, etc., it can burn a huge hole in your pocket.  I’ve come to love when I can find any of the above mentioned things at a discount rate.  Today, I’m going to fill you on how to dress during the summer and where to shop, on a budget.

The most recent trend in running gear is funky backs, bright colors and contrasting the 2 of those things together.  I LOVE this because all I have to do is grab a shirt, shorts and sports bra and simply run out the door.  There’s no need to make sure I coordinate (not that I would anyways!).   As a person who tends to sweat (a lot), I also have to keep in mind how hot it is and what clothes will show the least.  However, I’ve come to accept defeat and will forever look like I did when a cashier asked me if it was raining outside.

 “No, ma’am, it’s beautiful out, this is sweat” :-/

Below I’ve included some pictures of my favorite articles of clothing.  I don’t say “outfits” because I mix up everything and don’t always wear these all together.  I’m also including where I got each thing and a link to where you can get them online.  Please note, that some things are older and stores may not carry them anymore, so I’ll do my best to link something similar in style and price.  Also, note that every store has sales (especially Gap & Old Navy), so try to wait until you can get everything at an even more discounted price!

Sports Bra & Shorts – bought from TJ Maxx

Sports BraShirt – bought from Marshall’s & Shorts

Shirt (with built in Sports Bra) & Shorts (bought from Marshall’s)

Sports BraShirt & Shorts

Sports BraShirt & Shorts

Remember to check when there are sales.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to feel and look good while working out!  Happy Running!