Last night we did a 12×200 workout.  Remember, these workouts are not as fast as you can sprint the track.  They’re done at 5K, 1 mile and better pace.  You want to control your posture and not get messy in your stride.  For the last couple of intervals, you can sprint, but be sure that you’re staying clean in your positioning!   You really shouldn’t feel exhausted after each interval.  

I’ve included the times that my group (the black group whose average 5K time is between 18-20 minutes) used.

  • 2×200 at 5k pace (45 seconds)
  • 4×200 at 1 mile pace (42 seconds)
  • 2×200 at 5k pace (45 seconds)
  • 4×200 at mile & better pace (faster each interval)
    • 1st 2×200 at 42 seconds and 40 seconds done on the track
    • 2nd 2×200 at 38 & 35 (or faster) done on pavement
      • The track is a natural accelerator.  We did our last 2×200 on the pavement outside of the track to make sure that our pace would translate well to the surface we actually run on.

Also remember that we run 1.75 miles to the track and then 1.75 back to the Nike store in Flatiron.  It’s important to warm-up and cool-down after these workouts!

Happy Running!