My name is Kelley and I’m a 27 year old New England girl with a marketing day job in The Big Apple and a place to rest my head at night in Hoboken, New Jersey.  

Now for a little background — I started jogging as a way to stay in shape while attending Rutgers University, on the Banks of the Raritan (Go Knights!).   In May 2013, I ran my first half marathon.  With much research and reflection, I’ve been able to pinpoint the moment I crossed that finish line as the beginning of this crazy addiction that is running.   Throughout the years, I’ve sprinkled in some soccer with a dash of kickboxing & yoga, but my heart and my body have officially committed to this (semi-exclusive/it’s complicated) relationship with running.

3 years later, here I am, with 6 half marathons and endless miles logged.  I am at a precipice in my life and itching for a new and greater challenge.  So what do I do?  I sign up for a full marathon – crazy right?   In thinking further, I really want to document this journey, not only for myself, friends & family, but anybody that feels like they can’t get out there and run the 5 miles, the 13.1 miles or even the 1 mile necessary to get to the next level.  As a  millennial girl working and playing in the city that never sleeps, I’m constantly battling the work-social-exercise life balance and  I’ve developed many ways that help make scheduling and training easier.  I’ll share tips on when to run, what to eat, what to wear — the sky’s the limit!

As a disclaimer, I am by no means an expert, professionally trained or a doctor.  I’ve learned what works for me over the years and it certainly won’t work for everybody, but I can only hope that my insights might impact your training and outlook on running.  

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Running!