Run Eat and Repeat

A Guide for the Millennial Marathoner


Cross Training

A Tribe Called Sweat

Last Wednesday I went to a Hip Hop Hot Yoga class at Y7 Studio in Williamsburg with my “work wife”, Katie. Each week they have a different theme and hip hop artist that yogis sweat it out and flow to.  I went to a class where Jeremih and Rick Ross were featured.  It was a great time had by all, however I think I’ll have to go back when there is an artist/artists I know a little better (I’ll never complain about ending the class to “Birthday Sex” though!).   Continue reading “A Tribe Called Sweat”


Cross Training: Body Pump @ NYSC

I’m going to start this post off with a quick preface.  Running this week has been brutal. Please, please be careful out there!  Be sure you’re hydrating, rehydrating and listening to your body.  The East Coast heat and humidity can be dangerous!

Continue reading “Cross Training: Body Pump @ NYSC”

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