Run Eat and Repeat

A Guide for the Millennial Marathoner



…One Month Later

At this point, I’m sure you’ve read approximately 1,000,000 posts about New Year’s Resolutions and new goals for 2017.  I’m also sure that you’ve made your own resolutions.

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Run often.  Run long.  But never outrun your Joy of Running.

Love Is Greater Than Hate

Shake Your Groove Thang!

Happy Friday y’all!   You know, I realized lately that sometimes, the only way I can get through a run is the music coming through my headphones.  Do you ever have problems coming up with new playlists?  You just have no idea what songs you want to listen to? Well, you’re not alone! Continue reading “Shake Your Groove Thang!”

Cinderella Problems

As many girls tend to experience on a daily basis, finding the perfect shoe to wear can be one of the most time consuming tasks imaginable.  It’s been quite a process for me over the years finding this so called shoe perfection.  Does the shoe fit?

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I hope that everybody has had a happy and safe holiday weekend.  Happy Independence Day!


My goal for the month of June was to hit 100 miles. Factoring in that I still need to run today and that tomorrow is the last day of the month, as well as my cross training day, I’ve left myself with a one day (one run) buffer. Can you say close call!

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Training Schedules

One of the hardest parts of signing up for a race is choosing the training schedule that works best for you and your schedule.  It’s important to recognize any obstacles that your everyday life will throw at you.  Make sure that you can handle the program and if not, keep searching for one that works.  Life can get in the way. It’s how you manage it that makes training either successful or unsuccessful (as well as enjoyable or not).  I’m going to outline programs that I know have worked out for both myself and my family in the 5K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon distances.

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…The Beginning

I suppose the most logical place to begin this journey is to go into some details of the 26.2 mile adventure I’ve gotten myself into.

I’ve been trying to sign up for a race in my home state of Rhode Island for years now, however the timing just hasn’t worked out. Finally, by some miracle, the stars aligned in 2016 and I was able to find the Newport Half Marathon on October 9th. Continue reading “…The Beginning”

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