Run Eat and Repeat

A Guide for the Millennial Marathoner

Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes and Tofu

I love trying new things when both eating and cooking.  I’ve always been a fairly healthy eater and really enjoy trying new vegetarian dishes.   Throughout the years, I’ve actually come to prefer eating vegetarian, or I guess it’s called pescatarian because I can’t give up my seafood!  Chicken wings and sandwiches are something that won’t be leaving my diet anytime soon though ūüôā Continue reading “Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes and Tofu”


Run often.  Run long.  But never outrun your Joy of Running.

Watermelon Juice With Basil & Lime

This is an amazing and simple recipe for a refreshingly delicious¬†juice! ¬†Watermelon is a summer fruit staple and not only does it taste delicious, but it helps a tremendous amount with the¬†hydration process. ¬† If you’re missing going out and getting fun summer cocktails, try this. ¬†It tricks your mind into thinking you’re having a fancy watermelon beverage on a hot day at your favorite restaurant/bar, made by your favorite bartender! Continue reading “Watermelon Juice With Basil & Lime”

Veggie Lasagna

Last Friday I tried something new in the kitchen. ¬†I’ve never made lasagna before and let me tell you, if you’re hungry right there and then, this is NOT the right dish to make. ¬†I didn’t end up eating until almost 10:30 because it took forever to assemble and then an even longer forever to bake. ¬†However, this was worth the wait! ¬† It’s 100% vegetarian, so all you runners who avoid meat will love it! ¬†For a lasagna recipe, it’s actually pretty simple, but as I said above – make sure you have the time to put it together and bake it before you’re forced to eat the raw noodles left over in the package!

Continue reading “Veggie Lasagna”

Stripped Down Confessions of a Millennial Marathoner About to Lose Her Mind

You see that picture? ¬†She looks happy right? ¬†Caught in the moment with a smile on her face, not a care in the world. ¬†You see that picture and might wish or hope that you could be that happy. ¬†That’s what social media is all about. ¬†Nobody posts their bad pictures or their bad days. ¬†You only see smiles on people’s faces and how great their lives are, but¬†don’t see the frenzy going on behind the scenes . ¬†I’ve fallen into this trap. ¬†Writing these articles has perpetuated how much I project on social media. ¬†I’m posting how great I feel after a run and how I’m so happy about how my body is changing with a better diet and increased exercise. ¬†I’ve dug myself deeper and deeper¬†and stopped analyzing how I’m actually feeling. ¬†I care more about how I look on a website than how I feel on a daily basis. ¬†Well here it is, stripped down, with no filter. ¬†It’s time we start using social media to speak the truth. Continue reading “Stripped Down Confessions of a Millennial Marathoner About to Lose Her Mind”


Remember those amazing plant animals (and now future presidential candidates) that came in the terracotta planters? ¬†Just add water and see the hair grow? ¬†The tacky infomercial music? ¬†Well… turns out, the seeds used to grow those fuzzy locks actually have more nutritional value than you may realize!

Continue reading “CH-CH-CH-CHIA!”

Neiman Marcus Look on a Walmart Budget

Love Is Greater Than Hate

A Tribe Called Sweat

Last Wednesday I went to a Hip Hop Hot Yoga class at Y7 Studio¬†in Williamsburg with my “work wife”, Katie. Each week they have a different theme and hip hop artist that yogis sweat it out and flow to. ¬†I went to a class where¬†Jeremih and Rick Ross were featured. ¬†It was a great time had by all, however I think I’ll have to go back when there is an artist/artists I know a little better (I’ll never complain about ending the class to “Birthday Sex” though!). ¬† Continue reading “A Tribe Called Sweat”

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