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A Guide for the Millennial Marathoner

…One Month Later

At this point, I’m sure you’ve read approximately 1,000,000 posts about New Year’s Resolutions and new goals for 2017.  I’m also sure that you’ve made your own resolutions.

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Monday Night Lights

This one’s for all of my Hobokeners (Hobokenites?)!  Do you ever get bored of the flat, endless paths between Hoboken and Jersey City or the opposite direction up to Weehawken?   After a standard run down the waterfront, my Nike Running App tells me that I literally finish with ZERO incline.   After awhile, that can get boring and really doesn’t help you grow as a runner.  Sometimes on a Friday morning, that kind of run can be refreshing and much needed, but not everyday!  Continue reading “Monday Night Lights”

Welcome Back

It’s been about a month since I last wrote an article.  It just so happens that life has gotten in the way and I haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and write.  I still have so much to tell you guys and I have some great articles in mind with advice, experiences and recipes, so I’M BACK!  I’m going to take the time in this first article back to reflect, so please, take it as you may.

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Track Workout 9/13

For this workout, I ran  4 miles by mysel up to the Weehawken track and followed it with a 2.5 mile run home.  Let’s just say, I was sorrrrrre the next day!

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Track Workout 9/6

  • 6 x 400m @ 5K pace  (1 minute, 35 seconds each)
  • 4 x 200 m @ mile pace (45 seconds each)
  • 6 x 400m @ 5k pace (1 minute 32 seconds each- I sped up for these last 6)

1:30 recovery after everything

Track Workout 8/23

Stressful day?  Do this track session and you’ll sweat out/ forget everything but the pain you’re currently in.  Very intense, but awesome!

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Track Workout 8/16

Last night we did a 12×200 workout.  Remember, these workouts are not as fast as you can sprint the track.  They’re done at 5K, 1 mile and better pace.  You want to control your posture and not get messy in your stride.  For the last couple of intervals, you can sprint, but be sure that you’re staying clean in your positioning!   You really shouldn’t feel exhausted after each interval.   Continue reading “Track Workout 8/16”

When Did “She Was Asking For It” Become a Thing?

It’s taken me a little time to process and compartmentalize the implications of some tragic incidents that have occurred in the past few weeks.  For those of you who are unaware, there have been a couple of brutal and hard-to-bear murders of young women who were out on a standard run, on a normal day.  Karina Vetrano was a Queens born 30-year old avid runner who loved to travel and recently did a Spartan Race at Citi Field.  On a Tuesday evening, she didn’t come home from her run.  Her father found her body in a park with signs of strangulation and sexual assault.   She was a writer and according to her Instagram traveled all over the world.  27 year old Vanessa Marcotte went out on a Sunday afternoon jog at her mother’s house in Princeton, MA, never to return to New York City where she worked for Google.  Police K-9 units found her body with signs of burns and sexual assault about 7 hours after she left for that innocent jog down the road.  These 2 murders happened within one week of each other.

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